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DRAGOMAN | Easy and Effective Translation Across Languages

Dragoman is a carefully developed artificial intelligence-based translation application by Arpanet Information Technologies Inc. The primary motivation behind this project is to eliminate language barriers and make the translation process more efficient and faster.

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence technologies and linguistics form the foundation of Dragoman. Leveraging these technologies, Dragoman offers excellent translation quality and language understanding capabilities based on significant research in various subfields of linguistics such as sentiment analysis, semantics, and speech recognition. This ensures that each translation has accurate, swift, and natural language flow.

Dragoman’s translation algorithms utilize deep learning and machine learning techniques to understand the complexity and nuances of language. This technology identifies the most suitable words and expressions to accurately translate between both languages.

Another unique feature is Dragoman’s ability to provide an on-premise solution for users to offer translation services within their own networks. This allows businesses to maintain control over their translation data and maximize data security.

Customizability is also a significant feature of Dragoman. If users require a specific language or language combination, Dragoman has the capability to accommodate these requests.

All these features and capabilities make Dragoman a powerful and reliable tool for overcoming language barriers.


Dragoman is ideal for anyone looking to overcome language barriers and expedite their translation process. Whether you’re a professional translator, student, businessperson, or someone in need of communication in foreign languages, Dragoman provides easily understandable and effective solutions. With Dragoman, you can translate anytime, anywhere, whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

Professional Translation Services:

Dragoman serves as a fast and accurate tool for professional translators. Whether it’s a technical document, literary work, or legal text, Dragoman understands the complexity and nuances of language and translates these texts accurately and effectively.


Students can use Dragoman to translate class notes, articles, or books in foreign languages, speeding up their learning process and enhancing their understanding of foreign languages. Additionally, teachers and educators can use Dragoman to translate educational materials in different languages.


In the business world, companies and business people can utilize Dragoman. They can translate business agreements, technical documents, websites, emails, or any business-related documents, speeding up their business processes and enabling them to operate more effectively in global markets.

Government and Non-Governmental Organizations:

Government agencies and non-governmental organizations can use Dragoman to translate official documents, laws, reports, or informational texts, overcoming language barriers and reaching a wider audience.

Tourism and Travel:

Dragoman helps tourists and travelers understand information in different languages, from restaurant menus to tourist information, local cultures, and customs.

Healthcare Services:

In the healthcare sector, hospitals, doctors, and patients can use Dragoman to translate medical information in foreign languages, improving patient care and enhancing the quality of healthcare services.

These examples illustrate Dragoman’s unique translation capabilities and broad range of applications. Despite language barriers being a challenge, Dragoman is an effective tool for overcoming them.


At the core of Dragoman lies an advanced technology that understands the complexity and nuances of language to maximize translation quality. Here are the details of Dragoman’s technological infrastructure:

Neural Machine Translation (NMT): The cornerstone of Dragoman is a deep learning algorithm called Neural Machine Translation (NMT). NMT is a unique approach to provide extensive language knowledge and translation capacity.

It analyzes and learns trillions of words and language patterns. It then utilizes this information to perform translations. However, it doesn’t just translate words but also understands the context of the sentence and expression to preserve the complexity and nuances of language while ensuring accurate translation.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning: Dragoman harnesses the advancements in artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies. This allows our translation model to continuously improve itself, making it more accurate with each translation process. This continuous improvement process enhances the quality of translation and enables us to overcome language barriers even more effectively.

On-Premise Solution: Dragoman offers an on-premise solution that operates within a company’s own network. This provides higher control and data security. Businesses can host their translation services on their own systems, ensuring full control over these services.

Customizable Solutions: Dragoman provides customizable solutions for users who require specific languages or language combinations. These tailored solutions allow Dragoman’s translation services to be adapted to the specific needs of users.

With these technological aspects, Dragoman offers a leading solution in both language understanding and translation capabilities, as well as in addressing various user needs. This technological infrastructure supports Dragoman’s mission to make translation processes more efficient and faster.


Flawless Translation: Dragoman is powered by neural networks and the latest artificial intelligence technologies, capable of capturing even the smallest nuances of language and reproducing them in translation.

Versatile Translation: Whether it’s a document, web page, image, or email, with Dragoman, you can translate all of them into multiple languages simultaneously.

Secure Translation: You can safely translate your sensitive information. We use the highest data security measures to keep all translated information secure.

Data Privacy: All Dragoman texts are deleted immediately after translation. This means you don’t have to worry about the privacy of the text you translate.

Secure Workflow: Dragoman ensures the security of your sensitive information through guaranteed end-to-end encryption.

Secure Data Centers: Our specially protected secure data centers are provided for Dragoman customers.

Integrations: If you’re a translator or developer, our integrations can help streamline your workflow.

On-Premise Solution: Dragoman also offers an on-premise solution for businesses to provide translation services on their own networks. This provides higher control and data security.

Custom Language Addition: Dragoman has the capability to meet requests for custom language additions if you require a specific language or language combination.

High Scalability: Dragoman is scalable based on your needs. Whether it’s for a small project or a large enterprise, Dragoman caters to all your needs.


How good is the translation quality of Dragoman?

Dragoman offers excellent translation quality thanks to Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and deep learning technologies, which enable it to understand the complexity and nuances of language.

What is Dragoman’s data security and privacy policy?

Dragoman utilizes the highest data security measures to keep all translation information safe. Translated texts are deleted immediately after the translation process is completed. Additionally, Dragoman encrypts your data end-to-end and has secure data centers dedicated to its customers.

Which sectors can use Dragoman?

Dragoman is suitable for a wide range of sectors, including professional translators, students, businesses, government and non-governmental organizations, the tourism and travel industry, and the healthcare sector.

How can I use Dragoman?

You can use Dragoman to translate documents, web pages, images, or emails. With Dragoman, you can translate anytime, anywhere.

On which platforms does Dragoman work?

Dragoman can work on various platforms. Especially for businesses, Dragoman offers an on-premise solution that operates within their networks.

What are the features that distinguish Dragoman from other translation services?

Dragoman stands out from other translation services due to its language understanding capability, translation quality, data security, and customizable solutions. Additionally, the integrations provided by Dragoman make translation processes more efficient and effective for its users.

What are Dragoman’s integration features?

If you’re a translator or developer, Dragoman’s integrations can help speed up your workflow. Dragoman can easily integrate with specific applications and systems, making business processes more efficient and effective.

Does Dragoman require an internet connection for use?

Dragoman requires an internet connection for the best translation experience. However, through our on-premise solution, we also offer the possibility to use Dragoman without an internet connection, especially for businesses operating in closed networks.

Is it possible to add a custom language or terminology?

Yes, Dragoman offers this feature. Users can customize their translation experience by submitting requests for custom languages or terminology. This is particularly useful when specialized translation of technical, legal, medical, or industry-specific language is required.

What types of documents can Dragoman translate?

Dragoman can translate various types of documents, including PDFs, Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, emails, and even images.

What is the cost of Dragoman’s translation service?

The pricing of Dragoman depends on your usage and needs. Please contact us for more information.

Is Dragoman’s usage complicated?

No, Dragoman is designed with a user-friendly interface and is very easy to use. Additionally, our support team is always ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

Is there a usage limit for Dragoman’s services?

The usage limit of Dragoman depends on the plan you choose. Please contact us for more information on the usage limitations of specific plans.

What is the translation speed of Dragoman?

Dragoman provides fast translation. However, the translation speed may vary depending on the size, complexity, and language of the text to be translated. Overall, Dragoman is an excellent tool for speeding up the translation process.