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INTELIJANS | The media tracking and analytics platform

The AI-powered media tracking and analysis platform provides a revolutionary solution aimed at improving productivity and strategic decision-making through real-time and comprehensive media analytics, enabling users to better understand their target audiences, gain competitive advantage and achieve cross-industry success.
It operates in many fields such as television, radio, internet, social media, news agencies, local and foreign media monitoring, while providing services such as periodic agenda report, sectoral agenda report, daily mail services, early warning system and translation services.

Today, television broadcasts and social media platforms, especially video-sharing sites like YouTube, are important means of communication that capture the attention of the masses.
Therefore, analyzing the content of these channels is of great importance for businesses and institutions. The Intelligence Project enables the analysis of such broadcasts by converting audio data into text and offers valuable insights to its users. Thanks to the automatic audio-to-text conversion technology of the Intelligence Project, all audio data that is not suitable for analysis is transcribed. This includes the process of transcribing the audio content of videos appearing on television broadcasts and social media platforms such as YouTube. This process is carried out in a highly accurate and fast manner, so that users save time and resources.
The conversion of voice data into text enables the Intelligence Project to become analyzable by natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, which are evaluated by identifying keywords, emotions, trends, and themes in the textualized data, which helps users learn about target audiences and competitors, develop content strategies, and optimize marketing activities.


Artificial intelligence and deep learning:

Using the latest technology in intelligence, data analysis and pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms make media tracking and analysis processes faster and more accurate, thereby reducing time and resource consumption and providing a cost advantage to businesses.

Multimedia tracking:

Intelligence brings together different media platforms under one roof, allowing you to easily and efficiently conduct TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, web and social media monitoring and analysis, which helps you gain a comprehensive view of your brand and your competitors.

Sector and market analysis:

Intelligence helps you monitor industry and market trends, better understand your competitors and target audience, so businesses can optimize their marketing strategies and strengthen customer relationships, allowing companies to gain competitive advantage and increase market share.

Effective crisis management is:

With real-time media monitoring and analytics provided by Intelligence, you can make quick and effective decisions in crisis situations, capture important opportunities in terms of reputation management and customer satisfaction, which helps you maintain and strengthen your brand value.

Easy to use and integrate:

Project Intelligence can be easily integrated into existing business processes and reduces your workload with its user-friendly interface and API integration, allowing teams to increase productivity and shift focus to strategic tasks.

AI-powered social media, news and internet tracking app:

With the help of intelligence, artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies, it quickly and accurately scans and analyzes social media, news and Internet resources, which allows businesses to access the most up-to-date and relevant information about the market and the sector, so that they can develop more informed and effective strategies.

Automatically summarize content:

Intelligence uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to quickly summarize large amounts of text and content, allowing users to save time by quickly accessing the most important information.

Sentiment Analysis:

Intelligence assesses the perception of brands and products by target audiences by analyzing emotions and tones in media and social media content, which helps develop effective communication strategies to increase customer satisfaction and strengthen brand image.

Visual content analytics:

With the ability to analyze visual content, Intelligence can evaluate the performance and impact of brands and products on visual media, providing insights to increase the effectiveness of visual marketing strategies.

This is an impressive profile analysis:

Intelligence identifies influencers and accounts by industry and topic, allowing businesses to connect with potential partners and brand ambassadors, as well as provide wider access to target audiences.

Geographical analysis is as follows:

The intelligence analyzes media and social media content geographically to visualize the geographic distribution of target audiences and trends, which helps to develop market penetration and geotargeting strategies.

Language and translation support:

Intelligence, with its multilingual content analysis and automatic translation capabilities, enables businesses to conduct media tracking and analysis on a global scale, which helps businesses take advantage of opportunities in the global market and increase their competitive strength.

Customizable reports:

Intelligence provides reports that are customizable to the needs of users, highlighting the most relevant and important analysis and insights, which accelerates business decision-making processes and increases efficiency.

Feedback and suggestion system:

Intelligence analyzes user feedback to provide suggestions for continuous improvement and enhancement, thereby continuously improving service quality and user experience, as well as enabling businesses to respond more quickly and effectively to customer demands and expectations.

Trending and hashtag analysis:

Intelligence analyzes trends and hashtags that are popular on social media platforms and allows its users to stay up-to-date, which helps businesses organize effective social media campaigns and better interact with their target audiences.

Personalized user experience:

Intelligence provides a customizable user experience according to users’ preferences and needs, which enables businesses and users to be served in the best way according to their priorities and goals.

Autonomous workflows:

Intelligence reduces user workload by automating media tracking and analysis processes, allowing businesses to focus their time and resources on more strategic and value-creating tasks.

Learning and Training Materials:

By offering comprehensive learning and training materials for its users, Intelligence helps businesses and users to use all the features of the platform in the most effective way, which contributes to the fact that businesses get the maximum level of value that Intelligence offers.

Data visualization and reporting:

Intelligence provides engaging and understandable visualizations for users to understand and interpret the analyzed data, so that businesses can quickly and easily access the information they need to make the right decisions.

Real time trend reporting:

By tracking market and industry trends in real-time, intelligence provides businesses and marketers with valuable insights to develop quick and effective strategies that help companies seize opportunities and gain competitive advantage.

Interaction with followers:

By analyzing social media interactions and user behavior, intelligence allows businesses to better understand the expectations and preferences of their target audiences, so that more effective and personalized marketing campaigns can be created.

Fast and accurate decisions powered by big data:

With the big data analytics of intelligence, companies can make faster and more accurate decisions, increase operational efficiency and achieve better results.

Capturing the sales opportunity:

Intelligence provides sales and marketing teams with analytics that help them identify potential customers and sales opportunities, so companies can increase sales and revenue.

Brand development with social CRM:

Intelligence helps manage customer interactions and relationships through social CRM features, which contribute to the long-term success of businesses by increasing brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Sector and Competitor Analysis:

Intelligence helps businesses assess their competitive position and market opportunities by analyzing the activities and strategies of your industry and your competitors.

Online reputation protection:

By detecting negative comments and criticism, intelligence helps businesses protect and manage their online reputation, which contributes to building customer trust and loyalty by creating a strong brand image.


At the core of the Intelligence Project are some of today’s most advanced technologies, artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, which offer a powerful performance and impact that makes a difference in the digital world.
AI and deep learning:
The Intelligence Project uses artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies to rapidly and accurately analyze large data sets, enabling users to predict current and future trends and make more informed business decisions.
Natural language processing (NLP):
The natural language processing algorithms used by the Intelligence Project can perform content analysis in different languages and in written and spoken texts, allowing users to monitor and analyze media on a global scale.

Visualizing the data:
Intelligence Project’s data visualization features make it easier for users to understand and interpret their analyses. By presenting them with internal visuals, graphs and tables, reporting processes become more effective and efficient.

Learning and Adaptation Skills:
The Intelligence Project’s algorithms are constantly fed with new data and improve their performance by analyzing this data so that the platform can better adapt to the needs of users and changing market conditions.

Security and privacy:
The Intelligence Project uses industry-standard security protocols and encryption methods to ensure the security and confidentiality of user data, allowing users to proceed with business processes and analysis with confidence.


Marketing and advertising strategies:
By analyzing industry trends and consumer behavior, intelligence helps businesses develop marketing and advertising strategies so that brands can more effectively reach their target audiences and increase conversion rates.

Content Production and Management:
Through intelligence, media tracking and analytics, it provides content producers and managers with valuable insights into the interests and preferences of their target audiences, making it possible to optimize content strategies and plan effective content.

Customer relationship management (CRM)
Is by analyzing customer interactions and feedback, intelligence allows you to take the necessary actions to increase customer satisfaction, thereby strengthening customer relationships, increasing brand loyalty and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Reputation management:
With the media monitoring and analysis services provided by Intelligence, you can protect the reputation of your brand and products, respond quickly and effectively to negative comments and criticism.

Crisis management:
With intelligence, real-time media analytics, and an early warning system, you can anticipate and respond to crisis situations so you can protect your brand and business reputation, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Social media analytics:
By analyzing interactions and shares on social media platforms, intelligence helps you evaluate your brand’s social media performance, so you can improve your social media strategies and increase your engagement rates.

Competition analysis:
By analyzing your competitors’ marketing and communication strategies, intelligence helps you identify valuable opportunities and threats for you, so you can gain competitive advantage and strengthen your position in the industry.

Academic research:
Intelligence allows researchers and students to work more efficiently and effectively by speeding up the process of data collection and analysis in academic research. Through cross-disciplinary studies, media analysis and sectoral agenda tracking, you can increase the quality and scope of research by accessing broader perspective and up-to-date data.

Civil society organisations (CSOs) are responsible for:
Intelligence helps NGOs develop communication strategies and campaigns. With media monitoring and analysis, NGOs can measure their social impact and awareness-raising efforts, reaching their target audiences more effectively.

Financial and investment analysis:
Intelligence provides financial and investment professionals with valuable data to analyze industry trends, company performance, and market conditions, so that investors and financial advisors can make more informed decisions and optimize their risk management processes.

Human resources and recruitment:
Intelligence, human resources, and recruitment processes help you make more informed and effective choices by analyzing social media and online reputations of candidates, so that employers and recruiters can better assess candidates’ potential for fit and success.

Media and communications sector:
For professionals working in the intelligence, media and communications sectors, it provides important data to optimize news and content production processes and deliver content that meets the expectations of target audiences, so that journalists, editors and publishers can increase their success and impact in the industry.


What is intelligence?
Intelligence is an AI-powered media monitoring and analytics platform that provides a revolutionary solution for business, civil society, and academic research that increases productivity and facilitates strategic decision-making.

What are the uses of intelligence?
It can be used in many fields such as intelligence, business, academic research, government and public policy, NGOs, finance and investment analysis, human resources and recruitment, media and communications sector.

Which media platforms does intelligence follow?
Intelligence can be used to track and analyze television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the web, and social media platforms.

What is the technology of intelligence based on?
AI uses artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning (DL), and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to analyze large data sets, audio data, and visual data quickly and accurately.

What languages can the intelligence analyze content in?
Intelligence can perform content analysis in different languages through natural language processing algorithms.

How does intelligence ensure the security of user data?
Intelligence ensures the security and confidentiality of user data using industry-standard security protocols and encryption methods.

Does the use of intelligence require technical knowledge?
No, Intelligence is easy to integrate into existing business processes and reduce your workload with its user-friendly interface and API integration. This interface requires no technical knowledge, is accessible and usable by users of all levels.

What are the reporting and data visualization properties of intelligence?
Intelligence makes reporting processes more effective and efficient by presenting the results of analysis with graphs and tables.

Can I do real-time media tracking with intelligence?
Yes, Intelligence provides real-time media monitoring and analysis so users can make quick and effective decisions.

Is there a demo version to test the intelligence?
Yes, Intelligence often offers a free demo version to potential users to learn about the features and benefits offered by the project.

What’s the price of intelligence?
Intelligence’s pricing may vary depending on your needs and the features you request. Detailed pricing information can be obtained by exploring the subproject pages or by contacting customer services.

How can I increase my intelligence and social media engagement?
Intelligence, through social media analytics, helps you understand the trends and interests of your target audience. With this information, you can increase your social media engagement by optimizing your content strategies and running effective campaigns to increase follower engagement.

How do you manage a crisis with intelligence?
With intelligence’s real-time media monitoring and analysis, you can make quick and effective decisions to prevent a negative situation from spreading, and thus capture important opportunities for reputation management and customer satisfaction and effectively manage crises.

What are the learning and adaptive abilities of the Intelligencer?
The Intelligence Project’s algorithms are constantly fed with new data and improve their performance by analyzing this data so that the platform can better adapt to the needs of users and changing market conditions.

What kind of industry and competitive analysis can I do with intelligence?
Intelligence provides industry and market analytics to help you better understand your target audience and competitors, so businesses can optimize their marketing strategies and strengthen customer relationships. Intelligence provides customizable analytics for businesses and organizations operating in different industries.

Intelligence consists of the sub-projects “SPOOK”, “SOLAB”, “PICKERMAN” and “SENTIMENT”, with a user-friendly interface and high success rates.

Spook offers facial recognition solutions at the enterprise level and operates with high performance and low hardware requirements. In the project, the processes of detecting faces, tracking, extracting mathematical values and comparing them with the face pool are supported by multiple algorithms.

Spook brings together four functionalities that play an important role in the field of image processing: image classification, object detection, object similarity, and image segmentation. The project uses artificial intelligence and image processing technology to define the properties of any image content and present the analysis results by comparing these properties with the recorded data.

The AI-based Spook technology uses deep learning methods to deliver high-performance results and can provide many benefits in places such as government, official agencies, and ministries.

Solab is a software that provides a transcription service by automatically converting audio and video files into text. It translates audio content such as meetings, interviews, lectures, speeches, television and radio broadcasts into text quickly and easily. Therefore, it can be used in many industries such as corporate, educational, television and radio organizations, law firms, research firms, transcription agencies, media monitoring, journalists, researchers, video conferencing, video makers, podcasters, lawyers, coaches, students, marketers, filmmakers.

Solab allows you to focus on your creative work and publish your work quickly, saving you the manual translation process. Upload your audio files and get the output instantly. Thanks to the advanced editor, you can achieve nearly 100% accuracy in a very short time. You can also use your audio content more effectively by making your multimedia files more accessible, searchable and engaging.

Solab supports more than 20 languages and dozens of different audio and video formats such as mp3, mp4, wav, mov, avi, etc. You can also translate content from thousands of sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, TikTok, etc. using just their addresses.

Sentiment is a system that excels in text analysis. It offers high success rates in Turkish and English languages, making text analysis processes faster and easier.

Sentiment provides insights into people’s attitudes, behaviors, concerns, motivations, and cultures by performing open-ended analyses. One of the biggest benefits of Sentiment is the reduction of data analysis processes that rely on human power.

Sentiment is a product that can be used in public organizations and the private sector, and is also used in the classification of speech outputs derived from voice data in terms of content, topic, and emotion. Sentiment software is used in many fields, such as social media, news sites, blogs, surveys, and emails, and organizations can develop more effective strategies by understanding the feelings and thoughts of their customers or target audiences through sentiment software.

Pickerman is an automated data collection tool that allows you to collect data from millions of websites, social media platforms, blogs, forums, and review sites. With Pickerman, you can easily categorize and tag your data using its user-friendly interface, search for trends and changes over time, and discover new trends. You can use multiple filtering and deep search features to find desired results, measure key metrics, analyze campaigns, compare your brand to competitors, and track conversations about your brand.

Pickerman helps you prevent potential crises and manage your brand reputation by providing instant notifications about negative content. Its advanced algorithm allows you to see only relevant results, excluding unnecessary content, thus saving time and effort. Pickerman consists of different modules, including a customizable dynamic web browser and dedicated modules designed for social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.