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PICKERMAN| Automated Data Collection Tool

Pickerman is a tool that allows you to automatically collect content from the internet. You can gather data from web pages and convert it into structured data without coding.

Pickerman collects data from millions of websites, social media platforms, blogs, forums, review sites, and more. You can also collect publicly available data from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in real-time.

With this tool, you can automatically gather content from websites, news sites, portals, blogs, forums, and all other sources, and stay informed in real-time. It allows you to obtain an unlimited number of results and helps you get the best results using keywords and logical operators.

Its user-friendly interface enables you to easily categorize and label your data. Additionally, you can search at any time, track changes and trends over time.

Pickerman enables you to find the results you want with its multiple filtering and in-depth search features. You can measure key metrics, analyze your campaigns, compare your brand with competitors, track conversations, and listen to what people are saying about your brand. You can analyze news, read blogs, access results on complaint sites, and see what is written about you in dictionaries. It helps you discover new trends.

With Pickerman, you can monitor all content about your brand in real-time and access custom analysis and reports within minutes. This allows you to effortlessly track internet mentions about your organization from a single place and stay informed about what is being said about you.

Additionally, Pickerman is highly useful for protecting your organization’s reputation. It swiftly identifies negative content by scanning the internet 24/7, enabling you to prevent potential crises and providing instant notifications.

Pickerman is a tool that facilitates reputation management, social media monitoring, customer interactions, competitor analysis, and increasing sales for your organization. Additionally, its advanced algorithm allows you to view only relevant results. With Pickerman, you can save time and avoid clutter by eliminating irrelevant content. Its advanced algorithm analyzes whether the scanned data is relevant to the keywords and removes irrelevant content from the results. With mobile and web notifications, you can instantly stay informed about all new content related to your keywords and ensure that no details are overlooked.

Pickerman consists of different modules, with a customizable dynamic web crawler being one of its primary features. This feature allows Pickerman to automatically collect content from desired websites, saving you time.

In addition, Pickerman also features a series of modules specially designed for social media platforms. For example, the regional content collector module for Twitter allows users to gather tweets from a specific region. The Instagram keyword-specific content collector gathers posts about a particular keyword or topic. The Facebook keyword-specific content collector module enables you to gather Facebook posts about a specific keyword or topic.

Furthermore, Pickerman provides a module for tracking YouTube channels and videos. This module collects current content by monitoring the broadcasts of a specific YouTube channel and related videos. This feature greatly simplifies the work, especially for those working with video content.


In state security, Pickerman can be used to gather important information such as terrorist propaganda activities conducted online, information related to organized crime syndicates, and clues about the activities of terrorist groups. Pickerman also collects information about the activities of users on social media platforms. This enables the detection and monitoring of individuals engaged in criminal activities.

Pickerman allows you to monitor in real-time what is being said about your brand and how it is perceived. It helps prevent crises by quickly identifying negative content. Additionally, by tracking comments made about your brand, you can establish a closer relationship with your customers.

Pickerman can collect publicly available data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms in real-time. This allows you to monitor all posts, comments, and interactions about your brand. Additionally, you can conduct competitor analysis to learn how active your competitors are on social media.

Pickerman helps you measure the performance of your advertising campaigns. You can track which campaigns received more engagement, attracted the interest of which audiences, and were displayed more on which platforms. This way, you can plan your future campaigns more accurately.

Pickerman assists businesses in developing marketing strategies targeting their target audience. Businesses can collect customer feedback, social media posts, blog posts, and more using keywords and other criteria. This enables them to track what their customers are talking about, which products or services they prefer, and what their competitors are offering. By gathering all content in a specific industry, it allows you to monitor trends and current developments in the industry. Additionally, you can learn about the strategies your competitors are using, the products they offer, and the campaigns they are running.

Pickerman helps you increase customer satisfaction by tracking what your customers think about your brand and what kind of comments they make. By quickly identifying customer complaints, you can take the necessary measures to improve customer satisfaction.