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SOLAB | Convert audio and video content to text Analyze

Solab is a software application that provides a text-to-text conversion service for audio and video files. It automatically translates audio content into text in many different environments that you can think of, such as meetings, interviews, lectures, speeches, television and radio broadcasts. It can be easily used in many industries, such as corporate, educational, television and radio organizations, law firms, research firms, transcription agencies, media monitoring, journalists, researchers, video conferencing, video producers, podcasters, lawyers, coaches, students, marketers, filmmakers.

Solab allows you to save on manual translation, focus on creative work, and publish your work quickly. Upload your audio files and get instant transcription. Get close to 100% accuracy in no time with an advanced editor. Also, make all your multimedia files with audio content more interesting by making them accessible, searchable.

Solab offers support for more than 20 languages and supports dozens of different audio and video formats, such as mp3, mp4, wav, mov, avi, and so on. You can also translate content from thousands of sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, TikTok, just by using their addresses. Solab is a desktop environment that is also supported by browsers.

Solab offers faster, more affordable and more accurate results compared to other human transcription services. Detailed transcriptions are decipherments made by literally applying the rules of the language, and Solab offers them to you at very low prices. Solab provides enterprise and enterprise-specific services with the ability to use the product entirely on your own network, on your own servers.


Corporate firms can use Solab to record, transcribe and use their meetings for further processing, as well as record customer conversations for customer service and analyze customer feedback.

Security agencies can use Solab to examine voice recordings obtained through telephone calls, meetings, and other communication channels, many of which are obtained for the purpose of identifying criminal activity or monitoring the activities of organizations.
Solab is used by these agencies to transcribe voice recordings and analyze the recorded data, so that more information can be obtained about the activities of suspects, which can be used as evidence in court or for other security activities.
In particular, intelligence units use Solab to obtain important information about serious security threats such as terrorism and organized crime, thereby gaining more information about the plans and activities of criminals, increasing their chances of preventing potential attacks.

In the education sector, Solab can help teachers and students keep course notes more efficiently. Teachers can record classroom discussions using the Solab app during or after lessons. These recordings can then be distributed to students or analyzed by teachers to provide better understanding.

Teachers can also use Solab to evaluate students’ homework, for example, teachers can record student presentations and then use Solab to keep notes, which allows teachers to evaluate student performance more objectively.

Solab can also contribute to students’ learning processes. Students can provide better understanding by recording classroom discussions or by recording teachers’ lesson notes. Also, students can use Solab to record their homework and keep notes for later.

Media Monitoring
Media monitoring firms track news, advertising, and other programming that is broadcast on many different channels, which may include television, radio, websites, social media, and other digital platforms. These firms often hire transcription services to track content that is broadcasted to their clients related to specific keywords, topics, or brands.

Solab helps such firms to automatically transcribe media content, so that media monitoring firms can track how often certain keywords or topics appear, in which media outlets they appear most often, and at what times they are published, in reports they prepare for their clients.

This transcription service provides a great convenience to media monitoring companies, because it is quite laborious to manually monitor and transcribe all broadcasts. Solab increases the efficiency of media monitoring companies with its automatic transcription feature and helps to get faster results.

Units of Law
Law enforcement agencies have the advantage of using Solab to transcribe court records and statements of defendants. Solab also allows lawyers and legal advisors to record client meetings and hearings, which allows much better analysis of cases that are followed up later. Legal departments can also transcribe legal correspondence and other documents using Solab.

Journalists and Researchers
Journalists and researchers may need to collect a large number of interview or speech recordings for their work. Transcribing these recordings allows data to be more easily managed and analyzed. Solab helps journalists and researchers speed up this process and increase their productivity.

For example, when a journalist conducts an interview, instead of writing the entire interview, he can find quotes more easily by transcribing the record and can quickly return to the whole interview or to the desired parts of the interview.

Similarly, researchers work in different fields and therefore have to analyze a varying number of sources. Solab helps researchers process resources more quickly and efficiently. For example, a social science researcher can transcribe a focus group interview with a group of people and add it to data sets for later analysis.

Video conferencing, video producers, podcasts
The use of Solab for videoconferencing, video producers, and podcasters helps those working in these fields to make their verbal communication more effective. For example, the transcription of speeches made during videoconferences eliminates the need for participants to take notes and allows for better comprehension of the speeches.

Video producers can more easily edit recorded conversations by transcribing them during filming, and transcriptions for podcasts allow listeners to more easily access them by reading or searching in text format, thus making video conferencing, video producers, and podcasts more professional and better understood by viewers or listeners.


20+ Language Support
It supports dozens of languages, dialects, and accents. It supports Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, Uzbek, German, Italian, French, Flemish, Greek, Chinese, Spanish, Persian, Hindi, Ukrainian, Japanese, Kazakh, Filipino, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, and new languages will be added shortly if you request them.

All Formats With Audio
It supports dozens of different audio and video formats, including mp3, mp4, wav, mov, avi, and so on.

Analyze by URL
Convert content from thousands of sites like youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, instagram, twitter, periscope, tiktok to text using only their addresses.

The Browser Editor
A desktop environment supported by all browsers without installing any extra software on your device, a transcript editor that synchronizes with your uploaded media files, dozens of functional features…

The Word Timestamps
Each word is automatically flagged by Solab, so you can navigate word-centrically through both search and edit operations, and just click on a word to play the exact sound at that moment.

Speakers Detected
Your media data can have multiple speakers, which is fine with Solab, because each speaker and what they say is identified and presented to you individually, each paragraph represents a new speaker, and you can label the speaker as you wish.

Automatically Parsing the Speaker
Each different and identical voice is detected by the solab, and when you identify a speaker, you automatically identify all the content of that same speaker.

Exports of Text (DOCX, TXT, PDF)
Flexibly export your transcript text in Microsoft Word, TXT or PDF and many other formats.

Extract as Subtitles (SRT, VTT)
Download your transcript in the most popular subtitle formats (SRT & VTT)

Group Your Work
On a website, you can create folders and organize your work as if it were your own desktop.

It’s Too Fast
With Solab’s automatic speech recognition system, you can get results in minutes, not days or hours.

You don’t need to install any software on your devices, you can easily do all of your transactions through the site, you can edit and download them seamlessly in all popular browsers.

Privacy Policy
All of your content is encrypted with 256-AES user-specific encryption so that no one, including us, can access your content.

For Corporate
It allows you to run your enterprise and your business on your own servers, on your own network.

All Sorts of Content
Videos and postcasts, television broadcasts, social media content, your internal meetings, market research interviews, client meetings and presentations, revenue interviews, media interviews and more…

Fast and Really Profitable Transcription
When we compare Solab with human transcription services, we see that Solab is a fast and really profitable option. Human transcription services usually result in 95-99% accuracy, but the processing time can be extended up to 3-5 business days and high fees can be charged. Whereas Solab offers up to 95% accuracy depending on the voice quality and allows you to correct by identifying words that are likely to be wrong. Thus, you can get a transcript with 100% accuracy.

Solab’s speed is also quite impressive, offering transcripts that can be completed in anywhere from 1 to 48 hours, especially transcripts that are completed in less than 1 hour, which is very affordable..

Detailed Transcription
Detailed transcriptions are decipherments made by applying language rules literally to everything. Most transcriptions are not designed to capture every sound bit. They are edited by applying many factors such as inappropriate words, incorrect pronunciations, missing words. In manual operations, the person doing the processing goes on to translate what he understands rather than what is being said one-to-one. Word-for-word translations that don’t miss anything reach much higher costs. Solab provides this to you at very low prices.

Most automatic transcription ignores language rules such as capitalization, special names, punctuation, paragraphs, etc. It performs decoding without applying language rules by splitting the contents according to silent states. Solab automatically applies punctuation, uppercase <unk> lowercase, and dozens of rules by applying language-specific rules. When these rules are applied, the sound <unk> does not break the word timestamp, and the ability to organize word-to-word content is not lost.Word-for-word content like this is now available at very affordable prices with artificial intelligence, and word-for-word translations avoid major problems like misunderstandings, citations.
Searching for content is a way of avoiding factors like text and sentiment analysis.
Get rid of unnecessary dirt. There are phrases that are generally considered unnecessary, such as the commonly used ones like “hmm, ummm, uhmm, uhmm”… This kind of unwanted and unnecessary content is automatically cleared.